Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Creativity and ______________"

Steven Dahlberg left a fascinating comment on the previous post. In it, he talks about re-launching a Creativity Networking series. Here's how he describes it:

...a regular time and place for people interested in creativity to find each other and to explore a wide-range of topics related to creativity. The series is intentionally interdisciplinary, and is often described as "Creativity and Fill-in-the-Blank" -- where the "blank" might be anything from food to spirituality to art to business to movement to education to ???

Some of us grew up with Mad Libs.  The basic premise is as follows: There's a story, but a number of the words are missing.  One person knows the story, and he/she calls out the parts of speech of the missing words.  All of the other players, without knowing the context, yell out words to fill those blanks.  At the end, the story, with the blanks filled in, is read out loud.

Unexpected, possibly inappropriate words are inserted into the story, and the meaning of an otherwise unremarkable narrative is changed.  It's often funny, but sometimes, it's even profound.

What words do we expect to see filled in for "Creativity and __________?"  What are the unexpected but valuable choices that, perhaps, we're not considering? Where are the less obvious places to find and encourage creativity? It seems that the Creativity Networking series is one way to figure that out.  Let us know if you hear of (or are working on) others.


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