Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Creativity is Everywhere

(photo by Chion Wolf)
Food for thought. As I have been researching and preparing for the program at Real Art Ways tomorrow - I have come across so many people and organizations talking about creativity and city-making. This is not a new idea, cities have been "getting creative" for years. There are experts, authors and consultants working with cities all over the world - to tap into their potential and rejuvenate struggling urban areas. It goes beyond Richard Florida and his 2002 book "The Rise of the Creative Class". Creativity is everywhere.

Charles Landry helps cities reach their potential by triggering their imagination and thinking. (You can hear more from him on our website.)

The National Endowment for the Arts and CEO's for Cities have paired up for a six month tour to have a series of meetings exploring creative cities.

Big, Red & Shiny is a forum for criticism, discussion and promotion of the arts in New England.

Next American City is a magazine that observes, documents, and conceives realistic solutions about how to improve cities.

Peter Kageyama runs Creative Cities Productions. He was part of the Creative Places + Spaces forum in Toronto, Canada.

Also out of Toronto, Mapping AuthentiCity.

New England Foundation for the Arts

Cities x Design is a 30-city trans-media research trip that is recorded online (and will eventually be a film, exhibition and book). They see the current crisis as an opportunity to rethink the role of design in society.

The Connecticut-based International Centre for Creativity and Imagination, led by Steve Dahlberg (who will be teaching a UConn course on "creativity and social change".)


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